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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Lycoperdon lividum

802_7243 [Lycoperdon lividum]

This mushroom is most often found close to the coast - that is where the above picture was shot - but it also grows on sandy soil in pastures, dunes, and heaths. It fruits in autumn.

It’s interesting to observe that it bears an opening at the top that lets fully mature spores go through and disperse in order to ensure the perpetuation of the species. [See video below.]

Photographed in Schinias on October 22, 2016

Video duration 19"

Video shot on Mt. Hymittos on October 21, 2015

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  1. Εγώ απαθανάτιζα τα sparalis που, να είσαι καλά, μου είχες υποδείξει εσύ, κι εσύ ζούλαγες... αλεποπορ... όχι, δεν θα γράψω την κακόηχη λαϊκή τους ονομασία, γιατί μετά θα πρέπει να λέω "συγνώμη Αντώνη" για μια εβδομάδα!