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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cervus elaphus

BBB2052 [Cervus elaphus]

In spite of the forest fires on Mt. Parnitha a few years ago there are still more than 500 deer living on the mountain. They seem to have developed a friendly attitude toward human beings, especially if you have a tomato or an apple to offer them. If the apple looks big enough, they are willing to pose for you to take their portrait!

BBB2065 [Cervus elaphus]

Papa deer, with his characteristic deciduous antlers whose shape and length indicate his age. Whatever his age though, he’d rather lose the apple than come too close. After all, how can a deer with such beautiful ornaments on his head succumb to a temptation?

BBB2059 [Cervus elaphus]

Females are smaller than males and contrary to lonely males they graze in small herds. Young deer naturally follow their mothers and bear white spots that gradually disappear as the animal gets older.

Mt. Parnitha: 25/09/2009, photos © Tony Taglides

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