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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ecballium elaterium

BBB9492 HF [Ecballium elaterium]

Ecballium elaterium is far from
being attractive but it’s an interesting plant. Both its male and female flowers co-exist on the same plant. Male flowers have yellow anthers (as we can see in this picture) while female flowers have green ovaries. The plant gets its name “Squirting cucumber” from the unusual fact that, when its fruit is ripe, it squirts a stream of liquid over a considerable distance and so it scatters its seeds to spread the species around.

Mt. Hymittos: 15/10//2010, photo © Tony Taglides

BBB9559 [Ecballium elaterium]

Here, the female flower of Ecballium elaterium with its characteristic green ovaries

Mt. Hymittos: 15/10//2010, photo © Tony Taglides

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