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Sunday, September 23, 2012

An artist gets inspired

CCC_9419 [pop up, deer]

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In summer 2007 a raging fire burned out a vast area of forest on Mt. Parnitha leaving behind not only a depressing sight but also large numbers of homeless animals like Red deer (Cervus elaphus) among others.  
CCC_9404 WM

Today, Spyros Dasiotis (Σπύρος Ντασιώτης), a forest ranger on Mt. Parnitha and an artist, came up with the brilliant idea of giving life in his own way to some of the half-burned tree-trunks left behind after the fire. He is visualizing a park with wooden statues to be laid out next to a nearby deserted sanatorium where so many people have lost their lives. His works, although still lying on the ground unfinished, seem to express feelings that could be triggered off by a lost life or by a burned forest.

We would like to congratulate him on the idea
and we are looking forward to seeing his project completed soon.

Here follow a few pictures of his works, albeit still unfinished.  

CCC_9414 WM

CCC_9413 WM

CCC_9411 WM

CCC_9394 WM

CCC_9403 WM

Mt. Parnitha: 07/09/2012, photos by Tony Taglides

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