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Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Academy of Athens: A slide show

[The Academy of Athens]

A slide show featuring the Academy of Athens: a marble neoclassical building (1885) that is considered one of the major landmarks of the city and - according to international experts - one of the most exquisite neoclassical buildings worldwide.

Duration 8' 39"

You are recommended to watch it in full screen.

Photographs taken in 2015-2016


  1. Deeply touched, deeply grateful, with a heartfelt gratitude from all the Karatsanis family for this beatiful slide show, almost equally artistic as our grandfather's works! I'm sure that from up there, this "unsung artist", as you so well put it, is now smiling and feeling vindicated. Thank you, Tony!
    Rena Karakatsani

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Rena. I’m almost too flattered to see this amateurish slide show be compared to an artist’s work! If only it were true! In spite of your “little” exaggeration your wording makes your feelings clear. As to your grandfather, I hope he feels vindicated, so that I can finally say: Mission accomplished!