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Saturday, November 9, 2019

Majestic trees

Quercus robur
803_1353 [Quercus robur]

In the area around the church of The Holy Trinity shown in the previous post
there are majestic trees that contribute to the beauty of the scenery.
Quercus robur above is a notable example.  

Focus on the trunk of the same tree
803_1356 [Quercus robur]

The trunk of Oaks like this, according to Wikipedia, can get as much as 12m in circumference! Trees of that size can be found in Great Britain, Latvia and elsewhere in Europe. They also seem to hold a record in longevity since they are believed to live for centuries. According to the same source “Two individuals of notable longevity are the Stelmužė Oak in Lithuania and the Granit Oak in Bulgaria, which are believed to be more than 1500 years old, possibly making them the oldest oaks in Europe”. 

  Both pictures were photographed on Mt. Parnitha on April 12, 2018

Please click on the pictures for a better view.

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