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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


BBB4703 [Osteospermum]

After I had spent with no luck almost half a day wandering around and trying to find something interesting to shoot, I started my way back in disappointment when I nearly stumbled on this decorative osteospermum. Being almost exhausted, I indifferently pressed the trigger once and didn’t even care to look at the picture on the screen of the camera. It was only when I saw the picture on the computer screen that I noticed the looks of the flower.

Athens: 21/03/2010, photo © Tony Taglides


  1. Τα πέταλά του μοιάζουν με ρυάκια από χρώμα που ξεπηδούν από την ίδια πηγή και κυλούν ακτινωτά.

  2. Good! Now the unknown "zouligmenopetalo" has a real name!