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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mission accomplished!

CCC_2867 [Abies cephalonica]

The ground under a tree of Abies cepalonica was covered with hundreds of seeds that had fallen from the tree above. Among them I noticed a strange little figure that - after a close examination - turned out to be a seed that had just “given birth” to a young tree. It had just accomplished its mission! The young tree itself and the seed on top had a total height of about 5 cm.

Mt. Parnitha: 03/05/2011, photo © Tony Taglides


  1. Τι τύχη ήταν αυτή που είχες! Να δεις το δεντράκι εν τη γενέσει του...
    Με συγκίνησε!

  2. What a beautiful and rare picture. I hope the tree grows to become a 'parent' too !