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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ophrys fusca ssp. laureotica

CCC1010 [Ophrys fusca ssp. laureotica]

I posted the above photo on Dec. 22, 2010 under the tentative name of “Proimi (?)” because the plant had not been officially identified till then. Today, I feel the need to repost it with its corrected name because the plant has just been officially recognized as “Ophrys fusca ssp. laureotica” [See: Journal Europäischer Orchideen 43(2): 2011 pp. 367-377]. Eventually, Erotokritos Kalogeropoulos’ work of observation and study of the plant was successful and fully justified. The plant that he spotted for the first time near Lavrio back in 2009 was indeed a new subspecies of the Orchidaceae family as he had immediately suspected then!

Congratulations to Ero
and his associates Pinelopi Delipetrou and Antonis Alibertis

Lavrio: 10/12/2010, photo © Tony Taglides

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